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Canvas Stretching

We offer custom framing for any object or photo of your choice

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Canvas stretching is an affordable way to showcase artwork and prints.

Canvas stretching is an art form in its own right, a process that prepares your artwork or prints for display by stretching it across a wooden frame, known as a stretcher bar.

This technique not only enhances the visual appeal of your pieces but also provides additional protection, ensuring your artwork remains in pristine condition for years to come. The process allows for the entire image to be displayed, giving your artwork a clean, modern look that’s perfect for any setting.

At The Framing Factory, we’re proud to offer premium quality canvas stretching services. Our team of experienced professionals takes great care in handling your precious artwork, applying the canvas to the frame with precision and care. Choosing our canvas stretching services means choosing exceptional quality and durability for your cherished pieces.

Available in a range of sizes and shapes, Canvas stretching is perfect for family photos and your own photo collection that you can hang on any wall.

A truly affordable and stylish way to display prints, photos or artwork on your home or business.

Flexibility with sizing

Canvas stretching is suitable for a wide variety of prints and artwork, from children’s illustrations to gallery-worthy masterpieces. The process is particularly effective for unframed pieces, transforming them into lightweight, wall-ready art that’s perfect for spaces like a child’s room.

Whether it’s a painting acquired on a recent trip or a custom print, canvas stretching enhances the visual appeal and longevity of these pieces. It’s worth noting that larger canvases require more support, usually provided by additional stretcher bars or a frame.